Bethel Mennonite Church

Johannesthal Reformed Church

Diamond Valley Schoolhouse

No exhibit can compete with the experience of walking into an historic building and being able to see how a people lived, learned, and worshiped. Heritage Hall Museum is fortunate to offer visitors the opportunity to tour a number of restored and furnished outside buildings.

Ludwig Deckert built this frame home in 1879. The house was moved to the museum site and restored in 1979. Many household items are original furnishings. A unique feature of this interesting home is the Russian oven and heating system built in the center of the house.

Historic Buildings

The Deckert House

Built in 1902 just seven miles west of Freeman, this small building served the Johannesthal congregation from 1902 until 1967, when the church closed. The building also contains a display of other churches in the community.

Originally located about a mile south of Freeman on U.S. Highway 81, the Diamond Valley School, District #58, served as the one-room schoolhouse for the district just south of Freeman from 1902 until 1969.

The Bethel Mennonite Church was established in 1892 east of Dolton. Built in 1920 and originally located 8 miles north and 4 miles east of Freeman, this building served the congregation until they disbanded in 1992. It incorporates many architectural elements unique to Prussian/Russian Mennonite houses of worship.