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Bethel Mennonite Church Building

The Bethel congregation began in 1879, five years after immigration from Russia, when families living northeast of Dolton, S.D., began worshipping in homes. This building was erected in 1920 and is a smaller replica of the mother church, Salem-Zion Mennonite church of Freeman. The architectural design is unique, with wrap-around balcony and ornate stamped metal sheets with relief designs on the walls and ceiling, which show the European origin in the 1800’s. The building was moved to its present site in 1992 after the congregation disbanded.

Exterior of Bethel Mennonite Church The exterior of the Bethel Mennonite Church.
Interior of Bethel Mennonite Church The interior of the sanctuary.
The pulpit area of Bethel Mennonite Church The pulpit area. The verse on the wall behind the pulpit is in German and quotes Titus 2:13 -- “Looking for the Glorious Appearing Jesus Christ.”

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