If we know WHERE we came from, we may better know WHERE TO GO.
If we know WHO we came from, we may better know WHO WE ARE.

Stepping into the Heritage Hall Archives is like opening a forgotten box of treasures. You never know what you might find! The Archives serves as a repository for the greater Freeman community's historical records, the paper trail that proves our existence and gives evidence to the lives that have shaped this community.

The Archives

We have an impressive collection of books that tell the stories of the Germans from Russia that settled this region, with a large selection relating specifically to the Mennonites and Hutterites. There are also songbooks, Bibles, and books about the towns, churches, schools, businesses, and other organizations represented in this area.

Some of the most popular books in our archives are the genealogies and biographies. we have resources representing over 100 different surnames from the greater Freeman area!

For those who wish to dig deeper, there are also numerous one-of-a-kind resources such as diaries, record books, documents, unpublished papers and more, in addition to many maps, charts, directories, area newspapers and other publications. Some of these items have not been translated from their original German, their secrets still untold!

History comes to life as we peer into the faces of those who lived before us, and our collection includes many old photographs of local families, schools, churches, businesses, and community events. We also have a wall display featuring portraits of individuals who were born in Russia and immigrated to this area in the latter part of the 19th century.

Archive Hours

The Archives are open to the public on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons. Our archivist is available to assist you on Wednesdays or by appointment. Stop by and let us help you unlock YOUR history!

What will you find in the Archives?